Google AMP Roadshow China Events Registration  - 谷歌 AMP技术分享路演中国专场注册
Welcome to the AMP Roadshow China - in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, in December of 2017.  The roadshow is a free, single day event supported and organized by members of the AMP team. You're looking at the registration page for the Beijing and Shanghai event in China – for more general information about the roadshow, head to the AMP Roadshow site at

This registration enable you to submit your interests in participating the event in either Beijing or Shanghai. It only records your intent to join, and it does not guarantee your admission. AMP event organizers will further notify those of you who are selected to participate the event.  All information entered here shall remain confidential, and will not be disclosed to any third party.

欢迎来到谷歌 AMP 技术分享路演中国专场报名页! AMP路演是一个免费的、一整天的技术分享活动,由谷歌的AMP技术专家进行分享。这是在2017年12月举办的中国专场的报名页面。有关路演的细节请看 AMP Roadshow的全球网站

此网页只是参加活动的报名登记,并不代表你已经获得参会的席位。AMP大会组织者将对报名者进行筛选之后,通知所有被选上参会的人。 所有信息将被保密,不会提供给任何第三方。
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